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AirPods review

Sep. 14th, 2017 10:53 am
roadrunnertwice: Kim Pine wearing headphones. (ScottPilgrim.KimPine - Racket)
[personal profile] roadrunnertwice
I bought a pair of Apple's AirPods a while back, and I've been using them for a couple months now. I love them.

I don't think I can recommend them to most of my friends, today. They're a hundred and sixty damn bucks, and the compromises are pretty severe: there's noticeable audio/video lag (bc it's still Bluetooth), they're super droppable/losable, they need charging, the sound is only a shred better than $30 EarPods quality, and adjusting the volume with Siri is bullshit. So in a lot of ways, they're inferior to wired headphones.

But for me, they're great! There's an important slot in my lifestyle for tiny headphones that sound fine, don't make my ears hot in the summer, fit comfortably, and don't block out environmental noise, and I'd been using the wired EarPods with few complaints. But wireless is so much nicer! For walking, running, biking... I didn't even realize how much I hated that cord. And they stay in my ears just fine! The only real drop risk is when I'm taking my helmet off, or I'm taking the AirPods out to put in their case.

Also, the pairing experience is honestly super impressive. Dealing with de-pairing and re-pairing Bluetooth stuff is such an astounding pain in the ass most of the time, and they managed to basically fix it, which is incredible. Effectively, it's like they're paired with all of your Apple devices at once, and you can easily transfer control from any of them. So I can just click "connect" in my Mac's Bluetooth menu, and they'll switch over and my phone's music will auto-pause. I figure other vendors will get stuff working like this eventually, but with all the necessary protocol standardization and stuff, it's gonna take them like five years. Say what you will about Apple's closed ecosystem, but using these is real nice and no one else could have done that this year.

So anyway, they're not a must-buy. They're not honestly even "good headphones" (unquote). What they are is middlin' headphones from the future: they work by magic, they're incredibly nice for running and biking and walking around, and they're exactly what I wanted.

Trick or Treat 2017!

Sep. 11th, 2017 09:54 pm
theladyscribe: Maleficent as a dragon (it must be dragons)
[personal profile] theladyscribe
Hello dear Trick or Treater! Thank you for writing/arting for me!

Except where noted, please feel free to use any of my general likes in any combination and to mix/match/add them to my fandom-specific prompts as you like. I also have a list of Horror/Spooky Likes; if we matched on Treat rather than Trick, please be assured that I would enjoy those likes in less creepy/horrific circumstances (except maybe the cannibalism and hunted for sport? though if you have a fluffy cannibalism/hunted for sport idea, go for it!).

You may also want to browse my prompts from last year or my dear author letter tag for more prompts/things I like. (My DNWs and Likes have changed over the years, so please refer to this letter if there are conflicts.)

I only requested Fanart for Sleeping Beauty, but I would be open to extra art gifts for any of my requested fandoms. I am also open to both Tricks and Treats in extra gifts.

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Cat updates

Sep. 10th, 2017 10:31 pm
roadrunnertwice: A mermaid singing an unenchanting song. (Beaton - Doop doop)
[personal profile] roadrunnertwice
Eclipse (aka Fluffy Cat) has been coming by on the regular, and we’re trying hard to get on her good side. We’re fairly certain she’s a former pet, so we should be able to re-domesticate her! And she’s chilling out faster than the ferals! But it’s still slow going, and she’s still a very skitty kitty.

We're also making progress with Muffin! She started coming to our door sometimes and meowing! for food! And if you give her wet food she'll eat while you sit a foot away from her.

Trick or Treat 2017!

Sep. 10th, 2017 12:00 am
benedict: (chrestomanci)
[personal profile] benedict
Hello! Trick or treat!

I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and these are my prompts!

Likes: I love ghosts, as you might as gathered from these prompts. I REALLY like ghosts. I like sweet ghosts, spooky ghosts, scary ghosts, sad ghosts, murder mystery ghosts, the whole nine yards!

If you want to give me fluff, I enjoy sweet playing stuff and jokes. If you want to give me a trick, I like scary! Either a traditional style scary story or creepypasta if you wanna try that! I'm not a fan of dark (torturey, rocks falls) or grimfic though.

DNWs: Rape, underage, slavery, incest, and major character death UNLESS they come back as a ghost.

My Little Pony 1984 Cartoon )

Original Work All Ghosts )

Pokemon Video Games )

Transformers Beast Wars )

Murder, She Wrote )

Midsomer Murders )

Drive, She Said

Sep. 9th, 2017 10:56 am
cocoajava: Skeptical (Default)
[personal profile] cocoajava

My desktop computer, Scoundrel, is under the weather. His harddrive took a nosedive a few days back, and it will be a bit before the scurvy lad is back up and dancing. In the meantime, I have my laptop. As nice and helpful as it is, it doesn't have my Outlook files on it, so there's a lot of reference info I can't get at right now, and that means I can't get my monthly Postcards From Industralia newsletter out. Also, the laptop isn't mighty enough to run Second Life, so I'll be missing my storytelling hour tonight (again). I won't lose any data because we are careful about backups and redundancies, but it is an inconvenience. I'm offsetting all this by indulging in a binge of the original Dark Shadows. Bad acting and horrific production values will make the day wonderful after all!


On Gwhirls

Sep. 8th, 2017 02:15 pm
roadrunnertwice: Parking lot stencil: "ALL TREES WILL BE TOWED," with tree glyph in "no" sign. (All trees will be towed)
[personal profile] roadrunnertwice
When I was visiting my sister, she told me they used to point out squirrels on the bird feeder to her son to teach him what they were called, but he thought they were pointing at the feeder itself. So now a bird feeder is called a “gwhirl” at their house.
roadrunnertwice: Young Marcie Grosvenor from Finder, asleep in a ward drawn from Finder trails. (Finder.Marcie - Wardings)
[personal profile] roadrunnertwice

Carolyn Nowak — Diana's Electric Tongue (comics)

Aug 26

This is a really good comic about being heartbroken, right up there at the top of its genre (along with the Octopus Pie arc "The Witch Lives"). It's also basically everything I want from a character-driven "mundane SF" story. I recommend this to anyone.

Aside from the pure and wonderful writing, this has some amazing character and environment art. Good lord, the wedding venue? Sabine? Owen? So good. And I love that Diana's prosthetic tongue is offensively lime green, that little tidbit does so much hidden heavy lifting to establish her character and the world she inhabits.

This is longer than a normal floppy, but smaller than what most people would call a graphic novel; I guess you could call it a "graphic novella" if you didn't mind being a 🔪TERMINOLOGY CRIMINAL🔪 (and lol, I don't). As far as I know the only place to get it is at the author's Etsy, although I wouldn't be shocked if Floating World or BWP had a copy or two hanging around. For all that it seems to be at a zine-ish level of commerciality (blank spine, no ISBN), the physical and print quality is superb. (That critical "I feel fine about spending $10 on this" quality level.)

Here's a shorter online comic by Nowak, which I also loved tremendously. This is a cartoonist to keep a very close eye on.

N.K. Jemisin — The Fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate, and The Stone Sky

Aug 7, Aug 7, Aug 20

I recommend this whole trilogy with no reservations. It deserved both of the Hugos it's gotten so far, and I wouldn't be shocked to see it collect a third.

This is basically the book/series I was waiting for Jemisin to write. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms were good, but to be honest they weren't quite for me — 100k had the cosmic mythos of an epic fantasy, but at its core it was actually a Gothic (no, seriously), which is a genre I respect but can't really jam on. And Broken Kingdoms was super interesting and weird, but I couldn't quite get wholly into it. And I still plan to read the Dreamblood at some point, but the first few chapters didn't quite grab me. This one grabbed me, and I blew through it at one or two days per book. Like, I could replace this paragraph with that panel from Enigma of Amigara Fault where they're like "this is my hole!!! It was made for me!!!"

So, uh... that's my review, bye!!! I guess I'll just go into some tangents for a while.

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