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In other news, I'M SEEING AFI IN APRIL.
Plus my new AFI hoodie and t-shirt arrived.
And my Zuboutique/Macbeth shoes arrived.


Yes, they are covered in rhinestones. It makes them sparkly.
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I have just heard Justin Timberlake covering Hallelujah and I can safely say that I like it more than the one that was out at Christmas...two years ago?

So, in between playing ludicrous amounts of Gal Civ, I've been watching Being Human and sorting out bits and bobs for my incredible cunning plan, for which I believe I am on target. Might browse ebay again to see if it gives me anymore mini-ideas.

Sort of vaguely related to that I found my dad's dip pen and three bottles of ink on a shelf and gave using it a try. Was a lot easier than I was expecting and I may take up using it more. For kicks, like.

And then, in other news, over the last month I think I've gotten back into listening to music. Somehow since I left university.... I kind of just stopped. Maybe it's because there's a tv in my room and if there's something tolerable on the 4 channels I can get, then I'll leave it on. But now? Now, it's like the way I used to listen to music when I was 12 and just really getting into music and would make mixtapes and buy CD upon CD upon CD and listen an album over and over and over. Actual albums. In track order. None of this putting-winamp-on-shuffle malarky that I did all the time I was at university. It's nice. Kind of makes me nostalgic for my missing rack of CDs.

I had other stuff, like I usually do, to say and now I can't remember what I was going to say. I should really do what I used to do with essays and make a list of stuff I want to mention. I suppose the lack of remembering what I want to say isn't really helping the whole sense of not having accomplished anything that I've been stuck with lately. I mean, yeah, I have qualifications. I have GCSEs and AS levels and A levels and a degree and few certificates for ballet and gymnastics and a few levels for piano and we've just had epicChristmas singing with the choir... but that feels like ages ago. The tangible stuff at least, that has pieces of paper that say "YOU HAVE DONE THIS" to go with it. My course on Wales was over in like... June or something and I've had the letter that goes "yeah, you passed."

I suppose I got my haircut and I really like it and it's tangible because I can touch and go "yeah, all chopped off" and then spend the day with it in a quiff because I have the day off. And I've read many many books, though mostly ebooks and not paper ones. I dunno. I don't really have the time to take up another OU course until after April. Or perhaps June. Augh. Maybe I'll bleach a white streak into my hair, since I can't go wildly unnatural for work. Something to think about. Have pondered a tattoo again, like I do every few years.

Maybe it's more about marking the passing of time. The last two years have really zipped past without really feeling like time has been moving.

Randomly, my birthday is coming up in... a few months and I have a long weekend off to celebrate. Where should I go? Anywhere in Europe is pretty much doable so long as it's nothing like my mum's suggestion of "why do we take the whole week off and go for a BEACH HOLIDAY IN CROATIA?"

I reminded her that while she likes to sunbathe, she does not quite enjoy me sitting next to her glaring at the sea while fully dressed in the shade of a big umbrella. And it's my birthday and I will avoid the sun if I want to. Or at least, avoid doing bugger-all in the sun.

I've mentioned this a number of times, in a number of places, but I am still INSANELY excited. I AM SEEING AFI IN APRIL. OMG. EEEEEE. AFI. WOOOOOOOOOO
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