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Perhaps controversially, I don't think I would go anywhere. Well. Other than here. There are loads of places on this planet that I've not visited and should probably tick more of those off before I go off jaunting across the stars.
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I quite like all of them. Not too keen on George Lazenby or Pierce Brosnan. Undecided about Daniel Craig.

PERHAPS the best one is the one in the books.
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About Friday the 13th?

No. Because sometimes it is my birthday.

I do, however, throw spilled salt over my left should and have no idea why.

The only reason I don't walk under ladders is in case they fall on my head.
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Keppler 22B.

Oh wait.

While I'm here, does anyone want an invite code for This Is My Jam? I've got 3 at the moment, but will probably get more when those are used up.
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Ten year old me was a lot like twenty-seven year old me. Just shorter and about a third of the weight. At least, I don't remember being too much different personality-wise - perhaps a little shyer, but that got dealt with through experience and hair dye.

I'd tell little me that that band I hear on the radio every once in a blue moon is Ben Folds Five and maybe hand over £15 to buy the album. I'd tell me that HELL YES albums get a lot cheaper when you get older (really they do, I remember spending £18 on a new album back in the day and now it's about half that). I'd tell me that when you go to secondary school in just over a year's time, that yes, you will ditch all your old friends, but that's it ok and that it's something you'll do again (mostly) when you go to university and it doesn't do you any harm. That's just how it pans out and circumstance and distance and how you are, but that it's fine.

I'd say not to be too concerned about the phase where you don't believe in reality for a few months because of the improbability of it all.

I'd say don't worry about not studying for your exams, just pay attention in class.

But mostly? I'd tell me to carry on as I am.
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Hell no. Mostly because as the moment approached, I'd probably get nervous and on edge and frankly I can do without the stress. I suppose, on some level, it would be useful to know so I could fit everything that I want to do in beforehand... but still.

I think not knowing, and being chilled out about it? Far better.
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I would make [ profile] krazycat totally invincible to all things

Apart from the cuteness of guinea pigs and kittens, because every superhero needs ONE weakness. And fluffy animals make cool kryptonite
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I...refuse to name inanimate objects. Mostly because they don't have any kind of personality to me and I have enough names to remember already.

Queen of the Damned is a less bad film than I remember, but only possibly because I'm struck down by allergies of dooooom
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In other news: Alec Empire is actually the most adorable noise-meister in the universe.
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I guess, it would have to be somewhere far away that I'm never likely to visit under my own steam. Which reeeeeally narrows it down because I don't think there's anyway I wouldn't consider going in the next 10-15 years at least. Obviously, I'd also cut out the places I'm just not interested in seeing. Like Antarctica. Which I'm sure is fascinating and all, but I like seeing it on TV without having to put in the effort to go there.

I suppose it would be a road-trip all around Europe. Mainly because I hate driving, so if I won a trip like that then it'd have to have someone to drive me, but also because while yeah, I'll probably visit a lot of these places one at a time, it would be nice to take a few months out and see all the bits in between too.
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No alcohol. Because then I wouldn't drink it.

It'd have to have rootbeer in, ice-cream annnnnnnd mint and lime juice. Yeah. And with a jaunty feather stuck in the foam, to make the most of the connection with my name,
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When I was little, I wanted to be like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It didn't matter that I was a girl and a human. I wanted to be like Data. I wanted to be clever like Data and good at helping people.

I pretty much still want to be like Data.
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I might get concerned that I'd fall over from lack of calories...but no. I eat what I eat and right now I don't worry about it too much - there's other stuff that's more important. :D

In other news, I finally made it to the opticians after getting a letter saying my eye test was due a few weeks ago and my eyes just giving up on being not hurty in the afternoons this week. The solutions are eye exercises and extortionately priced new glasses.

At least the eye test will be free once I claim it on work expenses. :D

I cannot wait until my new glasses are ready. I am possibly only slightly more excited about the glasses than I am about the new AFI album. But only slightly. And only because I like being able to see things.
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I don't know what the rudest thing I've asked someone is. I tend not to ask people too many questions because most people are happy to chat and don't need much prompting with questions to keep them going.

Which I guess means that my lack of questions could be kind of rude I suppose.

The rudest thing I've been asked is "What are you?". Which is worse than "Where are you from?" because at least the second one implies that I'm human and I can answer it with my hometown, to which people tend to say "No, where are you from?" and I tend to then answer with "England. I'm English."

After that it tends to go downhill and then they try and rephrase and say "No, where are your parents from?"

I like to answer that one with "They're British."

After this I like to suggest "Did you want to know my ethnicity?" because I knew from the beginning that they realise I'm not entirely white but haven't quite been able to put their finger on exactly what not!white I am.

I am pretty much of the opinion that if you really need to know, then you should at least phrase it right.
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I'd take it to the local police station. I found a handbag once - fully stocked with purse and various other things that live in handbags and got a nice letter and a cheque for £10 from the woman who had lost it when the police returned it to her.

Which was nice.

Other than that...feeling vaguely dizzy for the last few days so might need to get my eyes checked out to rule that out. Can't believe it's September already. :/ I pretty much dropped out of most of my online stuff since my dad died, but I've got no idea what I've been doing with the rest of the time.

On the plus side, not long before AFI's new album is out. :D
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